Review: The Jibe

The Jibe: Pinot Noir, 2006, Marlborough NZ. $14.

I haven’t had that many Pinot Noirs before, so I can’t really compare this one to another. The oenophiles say that a pinot is supposed to taste like raspberries and truffles… hm. If I could ever find a wine that actually tasted like Godiva’s raspberry truffles, I wouldn’t be looking around and sampling all these others. -grin- (Josh pointed out that they probably mean the mushroom truffle. Oh well. A girl’s gotta hope.)

It smelled much more oak-y than the sauvignon. The body was more tannic overall too, but in a good way, with hints of sour cherry, with hints of thyme or bay. And… buttermilk? It swallowed rough, but had a buttery finish. A rounder body than the sauvignon last reviewed, but it still tastes a bit… unfinished? Young? Still, it would be awfully good paired with a strong cheese like a smoked gouda or cheddar… or my favorite, gruyére. And with pears to add sweetness… mmmmm. Okay, maybe I’m just hungry now. -grin-

Review: Pretty good for the price. I’ll probably try a few other pinots before getting it again, though.

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