Convenience packaging

I’ve been using my pressure canner quite a bit lately. I’ll make a double batch of something, feed us that night and dish out enough leftovers for a couple days, and then can the rest of the food before I go to bed. I’ve made a lot of chicken stock, mushroom bourguignon, and kale-butternut-bean soup (just mix with noodles or sausage and there you go!). Next up is chili, and of course some chicken noodle soup too. (I’ve also picked up a bunch of aluminum pans for freezing halves of casseroles, though that’s not the subject of this post.)

The idea is to stock up for the late-spring/early-summer months when I am simply too exhausted from all the gardening to then come in and spend two hours getting supper on the table. Last year we ate much more fast food than we should have, and less than I wanted… so I was unhappy that we were spending so much on takeout but also wishing we could get it more often, for convenience’s sake. This year I will have some meals set aside for occasions just like that.

It seems counter-intuitive to be stocking up for the months of plenty. That’s not how it’s supposed to work, is it?

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  1. Erin Says:

    Oh I agree, I was so exposed last year! I’ll have to think about freezing some “convenience foods”!

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