Snow day

We put big branches on the back to look like wings. Then Sofía got excited and gave it a tail, too. And she decided it needed a real carrot nose. (I don’t know how she learned that snowmen have carrot noses).

It was too crusty for snow angels, but she did have fun flopping and “falling down” in the soft snow once I showed her it was not something to cry about.

The evergreen grove’s branches are so weighted down with snow that they touch the ground all around, making a magical snowy fortress that we played in while we looked for pinecone snowman buttons.

Then we made “snow cream” with maple syrup. Sofía is not a big fan. Maybe we will try adding some milk to it next time too.

She hasn’t gone down for her nap this easily in a long, long time. Snow play is kind of awesome that way.

2 Responses to “Snow day”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    What a Joyful, Wonderful, Fun, FUN day! You rock as mom, Diana. Sofia is truly blessed.

  2. debbie swickard Says:

    BTW, I went out and played in the snow the day before since I stayed home from work during the first storm on Wednesday, and when I went back in the house I went down for my nap with no effort, too!!! All that fresh air, shoveling, walking with my boyfriend and the dog, and making giant hearts in the snow wore me out just like it did Sofia! I’d have made a snowman, too, if Wednesday’s snowfall had been sufficient for that, but it wasn’t. I went back to work on Thursday so I didn’t get to make a snowman then, either, but maybe this weekend I’ll get out there and play some more. I LOVE WINTER!!!

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