I’m still working on the newest beehive. I got all the parts assembled and nailed, and both boxes primed and painted. Now it’s time for the fun stuff! I got this far last night:

And then had to pause because, wow. That’s pretty darn girly. I know bees are almost a matriarchy and all, but wow. I was really aiming for something Arts-and-Craftsy or Arts-Nouveauish, but this just looks like a Victorian cosmetics tin. A pre-pubescent, pink Victorian cosmetics tin.

So I grumpily went off in search of other fonts and found at least one that I like better in theory. Thing is, when I mocked it up it just doesn’t look right. In fact I’m starting to think my original choice is better than I give it credit for, that I just have to go back and render it better. BESIDES it’s already all pencilled out. And it’s just a beehive. Right?

… Still, I thought I’d post them both and see if anyone else has opinions before I commit to it more permanently tomorrow.

Pardon the harsh font pixelation, dunno what went on there.

So. Opinions, anyone?

2 Responses to “Fonts”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    I like the first one better. The cuvy, swooping, flowing lines of the text flows better with the soft curves of the flower buds on the bendy stems. It is also very reminiscent of bees in flight, swooping and floating and diving and darting from flower to flower.

  2. diana Says:

    You are such a romantic! :)

    But I’m glad you agree. I did decide to keep the cursivey font – and now thanks to your comment I have a defense as to WHY. :)

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