As if we wanted more snow

Having just come in from shoveling 5 inches of icy snow crust off my hoop houses, my pants cuffs still wet and coldly slapping my ankles, the irony of this morning’s snow-globe making is so not lost on me.

I mean, haven’t we had enough snow already? It’s February and snow is no longer romantic. At least, not to us adults. But Sofía thinks otherwise.

“Mommy, is it sooooo coooooold in there?”

One recycled jar, waterproof paint, wooden letters, glitter, epoxy, and a touch of glycerin (to achieve better suspension). We didn’t have any little figurines to make scenes with, so I suggested that we make ‘S’s for ‘Sofía’ and she liked that idea.

She got to paint the letters, sand the inside of the lid, and pour in ten thousand different colors of glitter when we were ready. I did the epoxying and the jar-filling, but that was about it.

Maybe 50 cents worth of craft materials make for hours of swirly entertainment later. (And yes, of course she will be supervised with a glass jar.)

We do have a problem with some of our glitter forming floaty clumps at the surface. The majority stays down and swirls properly, but the floaty clumps are still there. I’ll be on the lookout for a chunkier, heavier glitter next time.

Edited to add: I solved the problem! I added just a little drop of liquid dish soap to the water and now there are no more clumps. Must’ve been a problem with surface tension!

2 Responses to “As if we wanted more snow”

  1. Heidi Says:

    how do you find all these ideas–I think it’s fantastic. Sofia is learning a lot from you and all that bonding time…(I’m jealous.)

  2. Heidi Says:

    glad you solved the glitter glop problem. I wouldn’t have thunk of the detergent…

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