Three nice wines.

I’ve been sipping some reds instead of white lately, and I think I really like Pinot Noirs. I’ve tried two very different ones in the last month – both from Monterey! – that I can recommend.

Night Owl‘s 2005 Pinot is a bit sweeter than Blackstone Winery‘s 2005 so I liked it better initially, but it’s not nearly as complex. In fact you can tell the differences in complexity just from a comparison of the bouquets.  The Blackstone is the first red wine I’ve tried that truly compliments red meat, making the combination more intriguing and luscious than either of the parts. In my previous experience the acridness of the reds just overpower the food, so this was quite pleasant. It’s quite sippable, too, though a bit drier than I tend to like. I’ll probably get this one again to serve to guests.

Another wine that I can truly recommend is the Pagos de Quintana‘s Tinto Roble 2003, a table red. Extraordinarily smooth, with cherry and strawberry-like fruitiness, it’s just delightful, and quite a buy at $10. I’ll definitely be getting it again – just for myself. :)

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  1. Becca Jones Says:

    Diana…all these years and still so funny :). If you’re looking for a good Pinot, I suggest Windward Vineyards. The winery is in Paso Robles and it’s one of my favorites. I, too, enjoy the Blackstone label. We visit there frequently, as it is located in the town where I work and the tasting room is just gorgeous. It was fun seeing what you’ve been up to!
    Becca Jones

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