Moving up in the world

We’re going to the Renaissance Faire on Saturday, so I spent several hours on Wednesday making Josh a jerkin.

I still have to make him shirt cuffs, and it would be really cool if I could figure out how to make him some boot-covers of some sort too; but for the most part it’s finished.

I also have nearly finished making myself a yellow linen kirtle trimmed with maroon wool. The bodice opens as it goes up towards the shoulders, showing the corset underneath, and I’m almost finished making shoulder wings for it.

Apparently our Renaissance counterparts have been moving up in the world, from peasant to merchant class, as I keep making us nicer clothes.  Soon I may even submit to the temptation of brocades. Oooh shiny. -grin-

One Response to “Moving up in the world”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    cool jerkin.
    now when do we see YOURcostume?

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