Spring spring spring spring spring!

It’s here! Things are surging up from the ground, pushing out new leaves, and the first flowers are out and showing themselves off! And I’m lucky enough to have a husband who’s a great photographer and will happily document any little twig or leaf or flower I point to and gibber about. (He’s cute, too. -grin-)

Making these four images linkable just made them ugly (surrounding pretty pictures with a vibrant electric blue square can do that) so if you want to see larger versions – and it’s truly worth it – go to my garden page.

It’s 10:00 am and already 60 degrees!Night temperatures are supposed to stay above 40 degrees for the forseeable future, so I’ll be looking for my peas to push out their first leaves from the ground any day now.

I went to Behnke’s again last week and -sigh- again I spent more than I should have, this time on bulbs. Yesterday morning I planted half the things I’d bought: freesias, dutch irises, and my first anemones, “Mr. Fokker”, a deep blue-violet, poppy-like flower. I can’t wait until those come up and Josh can document those for you as well.

I have the day off, and there’s really no choice as to what I should do: the garden calls! I got in my shipment of potatoes, so now I’m off to prepare the potato beds for next week’s planting.

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