What I found in the garden this morning

A poor little beatup robin.

She fluttered away from me clumsily, but I followed her and picked her up to see what was wrong. Though she had a bleeding scratch above one eye, nothing seemed to be broken. I remember reading somewhere that birds can pull muscles pretty severely trying to get away from predators, and if they can survive long enough to relax their muscles again, they ought to be just fine.

If she was going to survive she needed to get off the ground, so I placed her in the (dry) birdbath that hangs in blackgum tree along with a cup of water, a few sesame seeds, and a lame cricket.  (-shrug- I don’t know what robins eat, besides worms, and I sure didn’t have any of those!)

I peeked out a couple times, and she seemed pretty ok in there, hunkered down and nearly hidden inside the dish. And when I came back in a few hours, she was gone… so here’s hoping she just flew away!

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