Cider bottled.

After a few hours spent on Sunday sterilizing all the equipment and bottles, and a near accident with a 75-pound glass carboy full of sticky liquid – oh yeah, that would have been fun – I got all of my first batch of cider bottled with a minimum of fuss and hyperventilation.

Capping the Cider

52 bottles in total! It still had an unappealing sour taste, but the appley flavor was much stronger, and I think it will continue to get better as it bottle-conditions. I can’t touch it till my birthday! If I have that much willpower. -grin-

The thing I liked most about the whole process, really, was creating the label:

Cider label

One Response to “Cider bottled.”

  1. Ann Says:

    Ok, you’re becoming way too cute for your own good…..that label is great!

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