Big Mama

Daddy: “Sofia, are you hungry?”

Sofía: “Daddy, I’m really hungry!”

Daddy: “Are you going to eat Mommy for breakfast?”

Sofía: “I can’t eat mommy, she is fat!”

Daddy: “Sofia, ‘fat’ is a very bad word to say about people, and Mommy is not fat so you are also wrong.  Can you go tell Mommy you are sorry you said ‘fat’?”

Sofía: “Mommy, I’m sorry I’m not fat.”

Parenthood: Check your ego at the door.

4 Responses to “Big Mama”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Is she having troubles wid the Englishes? you are not fat, you are fantastic.

  2. Meow Says:

    Aaahahahhahhaaa! Man I love quotes from little ones. That is just wonderful. (I know maybe not the best self esteem booster, but it’s more funny than insulting.) The other day I was told I was TOO OLD to play with kids (from a kid playing with me) so yeah, they certainly have no…. what’s the word…. social humility?
    I relayed this conversation to Arlo to back up my not wanting to have children…. he just laughed.

  3. diana Says:

    Hee hee, yeah I wasn’t hurt, but I couldn’t exactly laugh right then and make her think that it’s a funny thing to say. :) You would be the BEST mama ever! Well… if you don’t have kids of your own that just means you can come here and help me with mine. :)

  4. Meow Says:

    And- those are very good sentences for a two year old.

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