Not fast enough

Washington’s birthday. What does it mean to you?

To me, it meant several hours of uninterrupted child-free work time! With Daddy watching Sofía and an evening of 3-7 inches of snow and sleet predicted, I felt I just had to Get Something Done or go stir crazy. I worked for about three hours before I had to call it quits, and this is all I got done.

Just three sunk fenceposts. Just 30 more feet of fencing. In three hours.

Does it make it sound any less ridiculous if I mention I had to cut up and trim felled trees first with a handsaw before I even had fenceposts? (Oh, for an electric chainsaw!).

Or that each post is 7 feet long, sunk 3 feet deep each (for stability, since I’m not using concrete) dug entirely by hand?

Or that before I could string the wire between posts I first had to cut a trench for the base to sit in, shovel-width by shovel-width, through a matted foot-thick tangle of old ivy and brambles?

I didn’t even bother to guesstimate how far it is to the corner. It’s too depressing. (OK my little OCD self couldn’t just leave it like that. I went to Google maps and tried to figure it out – I think it’s about 120 more feet. Just 12 more posts! Not as many as I’d thought.)

My plan wasn’t originally to go all the way to the corner. I’d just wanted to stretch fencing past the point where the hens usually venture, to keep a barrier between them and the road. Another post or two and I’ll be there – and I prepared 3 extra posts today too, so the next 30 feet of fencing should go much faster.

Eventually we’ll need fencing all around the property for the pigs and goats anyway.  But this is just 36″ fencing – if we’re going to have goats and pigs behind it I’ll need to add a strand of electric wire along the top at 48″ and another at nose-level inside. I made the posts extra long for just that reason though, so none of this work is going to waste!

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