Beer bottled.

October Ale label

Check out the label I made for my first beer batch, a pumpkin ale spiced with ginger and like spices (I really think I have as much fun making the label as I do thinking up new things to  brew!). Though I roasted three pumpkins total – two were boiled in the wort for an hour, and one was mashed and added to the secondary fermentation – there wasn’t much pumpkin flavor to it when I bottled. A really delicious combination of fresh ginger and piney, florally hops, though! It would be good just as it was (and I don’t even really like beer), but I’m still hoping that the flavors palette will readjust themselves to what I originally intended during bottle conditioning.

The boy and I went out apple picking today along with some friends of ours (the very ones that got me interested in making cider in the first place). We got enough apples for a second  batch of cider, since the first one – did I tell you this? – turned out so good! Only three weeks old, and it’s very, very drinkable. The haze disappeared to leave a pale yellow, evenly fizzy drink. The aroma is very “green-apple” sour-candy-like, and while the first mouthful tastes a bit dry for my taste, the finish is really buttery! (Seriously, it tastes like butter.) So I’m very excited and have hopes that it will continue to only get better and better.

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