Rowan’s bag

A little girl friend of ours had a birthday this weekend, so of course we had to make her something! I already knew what I wanted to make because I adore working with these recycled bridal fabrics; but Sofía picked the colors (I assembled a few palettes and she chose this one).

I’m very upset that I didn’t stop to take good pictures, because this purse was so darling that it really deserved better documentation.( Also, why did I not interface the fabric under the R applique? I know better than that!)

Even so.

The outside is dupioni; the lining is charmeuse. Mmm, one of those purses you just want to stick your hand in and swish it around in.

I love the shiny silver embroidery.

These purses are such a joy to make, each one individual and so beautiful, it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t go ahead and make up a bunch and sell them at the gallery that sells some of my other work; or perhaps online. It’s sure been a long time since I listed anything at ButterBeanBoutique.

You know it’s a good gift when you don’t want to give it away!

5 Responses to “Rowan’s bag”

  1. Erin Says:

    Rowan took her’s out with us yesterday, wanted to be a big girl like mama and Grandma;) Requested chap-stick and a change purse. She LOVES it!

  2. Rose Says:

    Gorgeous! Bet it feels nice on the outside too. :smile:

  3. diana Says:

    Thanks so much guys! The ego massage is greatly appreciated. 😉

  4. heidi Says:

    You do beautiful things, daughter-mine. And I am glad you are “enrolling” Sofia in your projects. She will always remember these times with Mom and her little brain is developing a sense of how things work, what colors go together, how to make what you’d like out of what you have…against an incredible lack of imagination found in this (gotta-have-it-Walmart) society.

  5. diana Says:

    Aw, thanks. I wish it were like that all the time. But since I’m mostly busy with farm chores, our projects together are not as frequent as I’d like.

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