Slow food

I finished this morning’s (ok “MID-morning’s” for most of you) chores and then started to laugh at what I saw on my counter.

All lined up and tidy. A silent paean to slow, real food the slow, old-fashioned way.

1) Dry beans soaking with a touch of vinegar for tonight’s frijoles cocidos; 2) buttermilk culturing; 3) a second batch of apple scrap vinegar started because the first one is soooo gooood; 4) a whole half-gallon water kefir (I’ve upped production now that SofĂ­a finally condescended to taste it and decided that she adores it – “soda” that’s actually good for her!) There’s even a quart of 5) yogurt, not pictured as it had already been tucked into the dehydrator to stay nice and warm for the next 12 hours.

This pic says a thousand words about our food philosophies.

4 Responses to “Slow food”

  1. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    What do you use apple scrap vinegar for? Did you get any Maple syrup?

  2. diana Says:

    I didn’t get any maple sap at all – not a drop! I think our season may be too short. I’ll try again next year, starting much earlier, and see how that goes.

    I use apple scrap vinegar for everything I’d use apple cider vinegar in. I think it has a much better flavor, a bit less sharp, more fruity. I even put a drop in a glass of water and drink it when I have an upset tummy. It helps very quickly!

  3. heidi Says:

    so busy, so early.
    Why the vinegar in the beans? Do you leave it in when cooking or do you rinse and cook with fresh water?
    How do you do the apple-scrap vinegar?

  4. diana Says:

    It helps break down the skins and aid digestion of minerals and (supposedly) reduce flatulence too. I just drain them and boil them in fresh water with another splash of vinegar added. It’s not enough that you can taste it – just a tbsp in half a gallon! – but it adds a complexity to the finished product which is just delicious. And it’s good for you. For the vinegar, see my past posts on it: , .

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