Planting season has begun

I just got in my shipment of perennials, and it is really starting to look like Spring out in the sunporch. Peepers going in one corner, this in the other:

All my seeds started so far (man there aren’t nearly as many of them as last year – every time I notice that I start to freak a little and then remember my wildflower, wheat, and barley patch plans) plus 3 varieties of potatoes chitting.

The plants look gorgeous and healthy, were shipped beautifully and arrived still damp and thriving. I’m only worried about the grapevines – they look pretty dead – but then my overwintered ones outside do too so maybe that’s just how they look this time of year. Or wait, maybe mine are dead too! Panic!

So my next trip to Lowe’s involves copious bags of manure; and let’s hope the weather is nice next week because I’ve got to get digging.

7 Responses to “Planting season has begun”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I’m praying for good weather. Just don’t overdo the digging…You must have a “floor”plan of where these are going to go. Do you have deer-proofing yet?Netting?chickenwire???something to keep them from enjoying the gourmet greens you bought just for them…?
    How’re the peeps taking to being moved, taking back seat, as it were.
    So what’s in the order?

  2. diana Says:

    Hey Mama – well as always, I’m constantly putting up and mending fences around here. Since I haven’t yet made a gate for the front of the garden, it’s open season in there. But nothing’s planted yet anyway. Right now I’m concentrating on making a chicken enclosure. Once that’s done a million years from now, I’ll focus on making a better fence for my own garden in case they get out anyway. My long-term plan is to have all the perennials together in an orchard space. Then I can fence that in and have another paddock for the chickens to rotate into. Since none of my perennials will bear fruit for another 2 years, I don’t know that I have to worry about netting until then… but I did get dwarf trees (10 feet max) thinking that if I had to I could somehow rig up a netting “roof”.

  3. Erin Says:

    When are you planing on planting potatoes? Mine are getting really leggy, wasn’t planing on planting them just yet but…I’ve got the itch;)

  4. diana Says:

    Mine have been in the cool sunporch and aren’t ready to plant yet. The traditional date is St. Paddy’s day, but of course that varies with frost dates. I have our last frost dates down as between April 13th and 26th, so 2 weeks before that would be the rule of thumb. HOWEVER if you have a warm spot in the garden and mulch the heck out of those potatoes – a full 12″ of straw, and if you don’t plant them into wet soil, I bet you’d have a good shot at getting some “earlies.” If you happen to have a glass box you can upend over them as a solar cover, so much the better. Why don’t you plant 1/3 now and 2/3 a month from now, as an experiment?

  5. Amy Says:

    so I had to look up “chitting” : ) very cool! Wishing you a thriving and plentiful garden this year!

  6. Stone Cottage Mama Says:

    Love your chicken tractors. And I am seething with envy over your grow lights. I do not have any yet.

  7. diana Says:

    Thanks Stone Cottage Mama! But ya know, those aren’t actually grow lights! They’re workshop fluorescents. I think they cost about $8 each not counting the bulbs. I keep meaning to spring for actual grow lights for them and putting it off til next year. Maybe I should go ahead and order some now that I’m thinking about it… :)

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