It seems like it’s been a-project-a-week around here for some time now, with no end in sight. Because next weekend is all about log splitting (with a rented splitter! Thanks mom and dad!), this weekend was perforce all about creating wood storage.

This is how far I got by this morning – my fault for starting late.

We bought three pallets (3’6″x4′) for the bottom. I had expected to get the pallets for free, but after calling around to all the big stores it seems that manufacturers now take them back and reuse them. (I think it used to be that stores had to just dump them, so they were delighted to give them away for free.) We had to pay $4 each for ours – still cheaper and easier than putting down our own boards though.

The uprights are 4x4x8s, sunk 2′ deep on the right side and 2’6″ deep on the left side. Man, digging those holes was no fun at all. First there was a layer of gravel to deal with, from the shed foundation. Then there were All. Those. Tree. Roots. Then another layer of rocks. Somehow, I got it taken care of.

Except I actually had to dig 9 holes, not 6, because somehow I kept misplacing them. See?

I had to keep taking out the posts and redigging them so they would line up – the left-hand one twice. I earned my pizza dinner, man!

So none of this looks very impressive here, but once the project was finished up this afternoon I was really pleased with myself! Not only does it look totally professional (or so I tell myself), but it all went together according to plan and took a single weekend. No snafus, no unforseen misadventures as with every single other project ever.

I’ll snap some more pictures of the nearly-finished shed tomorrow… and then you can judge. :)

5 Responses to “Woodshed”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’ll have to ask Phil but we may have so extra lumber left over (pieces) from the play set. If you need any for a project, he can tell you what he’s willing to part with;)

  2. diana Says:

    Hey, thanks!!!! And likewise, if you guys ever need baseboards, I think the previous owner was kind of stockpiling them so we have several! :)

  3. ohiofarmgirl Says:

    I love building stuff with pallets! One of my favorite building materials! Great work!

    How’s your little chick?

  4. diana Says:

    Hi Ohiofarmgirl! The chick I emailed you about seems miraculously just fine! The others aren’t even picking on her – I loved your descriptions of chickens as mini velociraptors! But now I’ve got a 3-day-old-chick with a bad, bad prolapse, and I’m probably going to have to cull her. We’ll see if she lasts the day. :(

  5. Heidi Says:

    Chicks get prolapses???

    Omrei4 says you ought to put a diagonal brace across the back of the wood-holder.
    (remember the fun we had with the seed-trays in the townhouse?)

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