Totally not ghetto

I got some more pics of the woodshed yesterday but neglected to post them. (What’s up with springtime and all this super-busyness on farms anyway, sheesh!)

See? Totally not ghetto!

(Those rafters are strong. I swung on them like monkey bars. I have the splinters to prove it.)

From this: 

to this:

I think it would look just great if we put a lattice up where Sofía’s hanging, and planted some sort of shade-loving, deer-proof flowering vine. Maybe honeysuckle – we have PLENTY of wisteria already.

We will cover it with a tarp until I can get the corrugated roofing up. I had thought we’d just go with galvanized, but now I’m thinking maybe clear might look less hillbilly. Then again, galvanized is cheaper, wears better, and darn it all I need to learn to EMBRACE my inner redneck! I mean, I have chickens in my yard already for crying out loud!

This will store a woodpile roughly 11x4x6, or 2 full cords. That will be perfectly sufficient for most winters, BUT I don’t think it will come anywhere close to storing all the firewood that we’re going to get from that log pile next weekend. I don’t want to expand this and build a humongous structure just to house our one-time wood surplus, but I do think we’ll probably need to haul in some more pallets and some yuuuuge tarps.

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  1. heidi Says:

    You THINK you built the structure for holding firewood, but it’s really a jungle gym for Sofia…just ask her!
    Boy, what a lot of work,and what’s next?
    Remember that pallets will deteriorate and need to be replaced every so often. The wood pieces get wet, get over dry, expand, contract, and eventually break. Be prepared to replace them or reinforce them occasionally. The ones in our back yard cannot be stepped on in the middle of the slats, they routinely break there and now I tread lightly and only on the joints at the edges or risk a twisted ankle.
    Other than that advice, what a great job. I am really impressed.

  2. Heidi Says:

    Omrei says you need to put at least one diagonal across the back. Before you get the wood in it.

  3. diana Says:

    Hey mama – I’m gonna put two diagonal corner braces up tomorrow.

  4. leah b Says:

    Fantastic! Where did you end up getting the pallets? Enquiring local minds want to know.

  5. diana Says:

    Hi Leah, I sent you an email already but I got them from Ace Hardware for $4 each. Lowe’s isn’t selling them at all. :(

  6. Penny Says:

    That is nothing short of awesome! Great job. B is planning to build a woodshed in the near future – I’m going to show him yours for inspiration :) And who knew they could double as a jungle gym???

  7. diana Says:

    Hey Penny! Thanks for the compliment! It was really super-easy – the roots were the hardest part! The pallets below aren’t attached to the posts, so they can be replaced every few years if necessary. We bought a PT stud today to attach two diagonal corner braces to the back. The posts are sunk 2 and 2’6″ deep in the ground, but they could still move a bit I guess – better safe than sorry.

  8. Heidi Says:

    yay, so glad that 1) it will be braced–we were concerned for safety and load bearing– and 2) that the pallets can be switched out without a complete dismantle…

  9. Heidi Says:

    yay, so glad that 1) it will be braced–we were concerned for safety and load bearing– and 2) that the pallets can be switched out without a complete dismantle…
    but are the “diagonal corner braces” going from corner to base in the BACK or where?

  10. diana Says:

    Mama, we picked up a single PT stud yesterday. I was going to cut it in half so each brace would be about 4′ long. They will go from post up to rafter diagonally on each of the back corners. The shed is not load bearing and the posts are sunk deep in the ground so I’m not too concerned about it tilting, but better to build for posterity I suppose.

  11. Heidi Says:

    Marvin said, if you use 2 braces for the back, they only need to be 1 x 4’s, if only one, use 2 x 4’s with LOTS of nails at each end.

  12. Heidi Says:

    Marvin said that will work. Sorry to micromanage, but I worry about heavy loads and shifting, particularly with a small one probably wanting to help bring in the firewood…

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