A hard day’s work

The log splitter arrived at our door promptly at 8am this morning, so after a big breakfast of bacon and eggs it was time to get to work. Some amazing (beautiful! wonderful! beloved! can you tell we’re grateful? -laugh-) friends of ours volunteered to come over and help us slave all day.

The log splitter is amazing. One effortless crunch after another, and the most massive logs are toast. They simply split with a snap, falling in neat halves to either side. The hardest part is rolling the logs over there in the first place, and carting loads of the split logs up to be stacked near the house. You should have heard the boys whooping it up. -laugh- (I wish we’d rented it months ago – but we thought it cost about 6 times what it actually does, so we procrastinated.)

One hour’s work with the splitter; 1 week’s work with an axe.

We worked all morning. Josh was on the splitter and I was stacking wood with Sofía’s “help” until I found out how much better my friend could do it. I left him to it after a few hours and went inside to start up an early dinner. (I love feeding people.) Today it was creamy potatoes au gratin, honeyed roast chicken, hot sweet cornbread, and blackberry-peach cobbler with fresh vanilla whipped cream. Nobody wanted to move after that meal – but that was ok because the friends were leaving anyway.

Poor Josh went back to work though. He drug himself back inside an hour and a half later, dead tired. He’s still barely breathing four hours later…. I think he may have broken permanently. :(

In the end, we got through more than half the log pile. It’s an amazing change. Of course I didn’t get a “before” shot (sigh) but perhaps you might understand the enormity of our task if you see this picture:

And then picture that log pile at least twice as big. It surrounded the pump and the little brick fire pit you can see up towards the left. It curved around behind the standing logs at the left edge. It was daunting, and blocked the only wheelbarrow access to that side of the farm through our property.

Once Josh pulled himself back inside and could watch Sofía, I went and got more pallets because lookee thar:

Two cords isn’t near enough space for all that wood. (Mama, note diagonal braces as requested. Front and back.)

I’ve still got a row and a half to fill up in the middle, but that won’t take long. (Look what a neat job my friend did stacking the wood on the right. Maybe I’ll wait to stack the rest of the wood til he can come back.)

So I drug the pallets back and tied them together with scraps of plywood. Then I went back down to the pond and started moving logs around again, stacking them up near the splitter for tomorrow morning.

I came inside around dusk because I simply couldn’t move any more. I think I better pop some ibuprofen before bed tonight, and set that alarm good and loud.

5 Responses to “A hard day’s work”

  1. Ayse Says:

    That is a good solid day’s work, I will say. And yeah, unless you need the exercise (warms you up twice!), a splitting logs without the power tool gives you a very fine appreciation of industrialization and modernization.

  2. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    You might have snow come the morning.

  3. heidi Says:

    wow, what a job. Got tarps? Guess you can keep warm for awhile now.
    Great to have friends like those! Poor Josh. Using the brain for computer work does not prepare one for log-splitting, even with mechanized help. And how did YOU survive? Sorry I wasn’t there to help with the dishes. :)
    And as Marvin would tell you, I can drag a (small) log or two…
    Don’t tell Josh, but now all you need to do is handsplit some tinder and kindling. Much easier from the split wood than from the logs.

  4. ohiofarmgirl Says:

    quick! you both need pie! it fixes everything

    great work baby!

  5. Rose Says:

    Thumbs UP!

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