Whip out the sledgehammer!

I had a pretty fun weekend – I got to smash a hole through the office wall! We’re going to divide it into two rooms, and luckily I remembered in time – just before starting to build the new wall – that both rooms would need access to the outside world. (Sometimes those little details escape us big-picture people. -grin-) So I had a friend over, read up on my construction, and both of us did the demolition and framing in no time.

And for all you other construction addicts out there, yes I put in a mega-header, new king studs, yadda yadda. I didn’t even have to reroute the electricity like I thought I would have to!

I finished early yesterday evening. It’s the biggest-scale project I’ve done yet. Now I get to start building the wall…. which will be an even bigger project!

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