They’re getting so big!

They’re only 8 weeks old. In a factory they would have been harvested already. They also would’ve never seen the sun or eaten grass.

5 Responses to “They’re getting so big!”

  1. heidi Says:

    so, how long will you keep them?
    nifty tractor…

  2. diana Says:

    They’re supposed to be harvested between 9-11 weeks before they start getting health problems due to overweight. Mine will take longer than average since they’re free-range and thus get a little exercise. So I think they have another month.

  3. Autumn Says:

    That’s a good-lookin’ chicken tractor you have there!

  4. diana Says:

    Well thank you Autumn! I wish it looked better, myself, but the durn chickens don’t seem to mind if the wire sags and the tarp doesn’t reach all the way. :)

  5. Ginny Says:

    I love that chicken idea! and wish I could do the same thing but alas the HOA doesn’t allow it :o( I could sneak it but I don’t like to live like that… Good luck with them…

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