I spent all day today stacking wood. It was nice cool weather for it, though I did get hailed on for a bit and rained on so hard that my leather gloves and heavy work coat were completely saturated. I went inside, glad that an Act Of God had called a halt to my work day – and then the thunderstorm promptly quit, so I changed clothes, sighed, and trudged out again.

And I worked until I got ‘er done! All the wood we split is now neatly stacked and tarped, including the last few wheelbarrow loads that had been left down by the pond. We are now the proud owners of four and a half cords of wet firewood. While it’s worthless now, in six months it will represent over $1000 (seasoned firewood goes for $240/cord around here). I’m used to investments in the intellectual forms of stocks and savings accounts; it’s odd to have one so physical. And so huge (it covers about 120 square feet, 6’ high).

That $1000 neatly cuts in half the price we paid to have those trees cut down in the first place. And since it is a “harvest” from our land – the first harvest really – I can count it on my garden tally spreadsheet and be that much less in the red. (Because of course I have a spreadsheet. It’s who I am.)

The whole time I kept thinking, Thank goodness for a daddy who taught me the value of real, hard work. When you grow up expected to help out, in a family where everyone works long hours at hard tasks, you learn that you can push right through that initial tiredness and come out feeling great. That a little rain never hurt anyone. That I’m happiest when I come in exhausted from completing something really big.

4 Responses to “Stacked”

  1. Autumn Says:

    I’ve helped my dad stack firewood that he split by hand with a maul. It is hard work, especially the bending down and getting back up when it’s below hip level! I’m always happy after I come back inside from some good outside work, too.

  2. diana Says:

    Oh lordy Autumn, splitting by hand? That is some HARD work right there. Seeing how easy the splitter made what we had struggled with was pretty demoralizing. -laugh-

  3. heidi Says:

    Yah, your Daddy worked long and hard. Still does.
    Good for you getting it done. A word about tarped wet wood, though. When it isn’t raining or wet out, open the tarps and let the wood dry out with sunlight. I have been pulling from the woodpile from last summer and some of it had gotten wet (some rain got under the tarps when the wind caught and tossed them) and then remained tarped till I went to use it. Some was still wet-ish and moldy. You can still use it (moldy or not) if you let it dry out again…
    I know how you feel about accomplishing something BIG. I mowed the lawns, side roadway and most of the back 40 2 days ago. Mower and I both ran out of gas so didn’t finish, but boy did it feel good to get-er done.
    Good job, Diana.

  4. Amy Says:

    those will be some very comfortable days in front of the fire!

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