“Morning” sickness is a wicked, wicked lie.

So when I had all these little fantasies about being pregnant and how wholesome I’d feel and how I’d love every minute… nuh-uh. I am SO SICK!!!! I haven’t actually “been sick” yet, but you know how you get that feeling when your palms start sweating and your mouth starts watering and you run to the toilet and hover, just WAITING? That’s me, like ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Full stomach or not. 8 in the morning or 9 at night. At two in the morning when I suddenly have to pee.

At least I don’t have it as bad as some women. Yet. But I still have at least 8 weeks of this to go. And I still have to keep going to work, since I can’t really take sick time for twelve weeks.

Luckily Josh is being a sweetheart and has taken over all the cooking, because I almost toss my cookies whenever I smell anything: especially spices and garlic and meat. Bleargh!

The term “morning sickness” is a wicked lie designed to trick unsuspecting first timers into getting pregnant. (As for moms with multiple kids? Maybe all the nausea dissolved their brains so they forgot how awful it is!)

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