6 weeks, 5 days

Hello, Peanut!

I’m giving birth to a peanut.

Seriously though, it was really amazing to see this little blob appear on the big screen above us. Like, proof that I’m really pregnant (though it still seems like a lie).

Then she zoomed and – get this – we got to watch its heart beat! It was going about 120 beats per minute and the little pulsing seemed to take up its whole ribcage. Can you imagine? I lost it, of course, and the tech seemed to think that I’d been worried about it or something. How to explain that I was just plain old overwhelmed with this magic that she sees every day?

I’m convinced I can see arms and a big ole head in this one (also, a cat hair – in the scanner, not the womb!):


Anyone else see this? Am I already the delusional parent I’ve sworn never to be? The only thing that makes me think I might be right is that in another week it’s supposed to have all its arms, fingers, and toes. Wild, huh? So it might well actually have arm stumps now. Maybe I’ll call it Stumpy instead of Peanut. (Josh wants to call it Taco).

One Response to “6 weeks, 5 days”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    and here i’ve been calling it “Sweet-pea”.Peanut Salsa, more like it…
    good going.thanks for the pictures.

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