Easter cupcakes

Look at these cupcakes I made for Sofía’s Easter party!

A golden buttermilk cake with vanilla buttercream piped into flowers… and then I whipped egg whites for some royal icing and piped it into little egg cupcake toppers!

The only problem was that I accidentally added a GLUG of vanilla to the royal icing instead of a drop and it made the icing filigree even more delicate than usual: out of the 43 I originally piped, only about 8-10 made it onto the display the next morning. The rest just shattered – but I used some of the broken ones anyway.

Because eggs break sometimes in real life too.

… And they still make really good cupcakes.

One Response to “Easter cupcakes”

  1. Amy Says:

    and they were deeeeeeeelicious!!! 😀

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