Little organizer

Sofía is so like me in some ways – especially in her urge to categorize and put things in their Proper Place. I’m pretty sure that because of me there’s one more dedicated future listmaker in the world.

For instance she’ll yell at us if we leave a drawer halfway open, or put something away where it doesn’t go. Yesterday Josh said he knew she’d been in his office because she’d taken all his framed pictures off his desk and shelves and laid them all in a line across the floor.

She likes to do the same thing to the fridge magnets.

Grouping is learning, right? (Maybe someone with more child development experience can help reassure me that my child doesn’t actually have OCD or something.)

Now if only this organizing impulse would translate to not leaving her toys scattered all over the entire house… because seriously, it looks like a Babies R Us exploded in here.

6 Responses to “Little organizer”

  1. Ann Says:

    I think that’s adorable. Whether is ‘normal’ and not ‘ocd’, who knows. When i was little i LOVED to organize things. Mine was my mom’s button collection. I’d sort it one way into muffin tins. then resort another way. etc. etc. so in my humble opinion, I do think it’s a learning thing. a way for little ones to process items. I think it means she’ll be creative. :)

  2. diana Says:

    Oh I hope so! I remember I used to love getting to play with my grandma’s button jar too – it could keep me busy for hours! Then there was my dad’s pile of screwdrivers, and a jar of marbles I found somewhere… :)

  3. Jill Says:

    😆 Delurking for the first time to reassure you that the grouping is indeed learning. It’s a valuable math skill some elementary kids struggle with. Now that’s she shown her grouping skills, encourage her to do things like form a pattern (1blue, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 red for example). She can count the purples or yellows, learn to “share them” which is kidspeak for division. Hands on learning like this is awesome and much more fun!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is not OCD:) Grouping, organizing, making patterns as Jill said all early math skills. It just shows how brilliant she is!

  5. diana Says:

    Wonderful all, thanks for the input! And Jill, so glad you delurked and I hope you do so again often. 😉 I LOVE your idea about playing games with the groupings and getting her to flex that part of her brain a little more. Makes me wonder just how many opportunities with her I’m missing because of lack of child development smarts…

  6. Erin Says:

    I keep coming up “Anonymous” when I use a different computer, lol. I have some CD books from college, if you want to look through them. Most of this is just watching for “teachable moments”, moments when they are extremely interesting in something, asking questions helping find answers, digging further. Also talking and asking questions insistently, just pretend you are 2;)

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