Problem solved

So we’ve been having some conflicts with our neighbors over the property line. In fact that was how we first met – them charging bellowing out of the house as I was fiddling with some string lines, trying to figure out where exactly it lay. Not a great start, but we’ve all mellowed a bit since then as we’ve gotten to know each other.

A vegetable garden needs a fence, especially when you have chickens running around*. But when your neighbor believes that his property ends in a different place than you believe… well. It’s hard to see how to put up a fence without getting a survey done. Problem is, I called around to 6 different companies and was brusquely told that for a legal, marking survey we’d be out $400 per corner. Yikes. That’s more than the fencing.

Then one morning I woke up and our neighbor had planted a row of bushes along the line we both had kind of resolved to pretend was the property line. I didn’t care if it actually was right – at least there was a concrete boundary of some sort.

But the line was all wiggly so when her husband got home he dug all the bushes back up. He tried to pull a string between the property markers to plant them along a straight line. But that string showed a loss of about 10 feet of what he had thought was his yard. I’m sure he freaked a bit and must have decided to hire a surveyor on the spot.

And when we woke up the next morning:

Bam. Survey done. And pretty faithfully along the line we’d thought it lay, except about 3 feet deeper into the neighbor’s property. Yay for more land!

Now I can fearlessly put up my little fence and build my border paths. The neighbors have even started a low hedge like we had wanted to do. And we didn’t have to shell out a penny.

I love it when problems solve themselves, don’t you?

* I sowed three pounds of wheat this morning and the chickens were there chowing down on it practically before I turned around. I’ve never seen them get out of the woods into the garden so fast. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was nuts, standing there pointing at chickens and saying “You’re a jerk, and you’re a jerk, and you’re a jerk…”

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  1. Mrs. Brent Parker Says:

    You should make a map with the makers. They can pull them up any time they want.

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