Food, the traitor

I always thought I was going to be one of those mothers that ate nothing but organic vegetables once she found out she was pregnant. Processed foods would become a much-spurned thing of the past. Ditto for most animal products. I’d turn up my nose at chocolate and cinnamon rolls and high-fat foods like pepperoni. I mean hey, Madonna did it! What’s she got that I don’t have, give or take several million bucks and few personal chefs?

Well let me tell you, food turns on you when you’re pregnant. The bistro’s soup that was so delicious last time that you went all the way back to the bistro and bought three huge containers of it? Looks absolutely disgusting in the morning. Never has it been so hard to eat leftovers. And by the end of the day, you’re so busy thanking your lucky stars that you’ve managed to keep down a single packet of m&ms so that your baby has some chance of not starving to death in the womb that you’d probably slap anyone who dared even hint how bad m&ms are for the baby’s health.

Cravings are fun, too: you start out wanting something so bad you could slug your spouse upside the head when he dishes himself his fair share of it, but then halfway through your first few bites the smell changes in mid-inhalation from ambrosia to pure creamy evil, and you’re running for the bathroom thinking I just put WHAT in my mouth?!

Case in point: last night’s pizza. Since I’ve basically been living on cheese and toast, with some vegetable soup eased in every once in a while (no, the nausea medication’s not helping much) pizza sounded like a good idea. Especially the fru-fru whole-grain organic kind we get, that’s probably grown on some free-range pizza farm run by naked hippies. This pizza smelled great. This pizza looked great. I was so attracted to this pizza that Josh had to talk me out of eating a slice while it was still frozen. I had to wait the 15 minutes for it to bake, and the 10 minutes for it to cool… pure torture. And then I got my first slice, sank my teeth into its delicious pizza zestiness… and gagged. -sigh-

Today is leftover day… and I’m slowly making it happen with my vegetable soup. One bite every ten minutes, and I ought to get enough nutrition in me before my stomach figures out it’s been had and tries to launch a counterstrike. Wish me luck with the yogurt.

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  1. "Cousin" Michelle in Rochester Says:

    Just wait!! When I was pregnant with Tegan, all I could keep down was broccoli and peanut butter sandwiches ( I mean broccoli AND peanut butter. Not broccoli, also peanut butter) and fruity pebbles cereal- which I refused to be in the same room with for the first 28 years of my life and have not touched for the past 7. There was only that 9 month interval of Cedric having to go to the store at 3 AM and “get a box RIGHT NOW!!!!!”

    Seriously, we send you our crongrats and well wishes!! I’m sure you have lots of resources already, but if you want to ask any crazy preggers questions, feel free to ask!!!

    Michelle, Cedric and Tegan Young

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