Stuffed Sunday at the Farm.

The food frenzy began at nine in the morning, when I stumbled downstairs still in my pajamas and began a large loaf of challah bread for a small potter’s get-together later in the day. I made a glaze out of egg whites and kosher salt this time, instead of egg yolk, and sprinkled sesame seeds over it for the first time. I think it was the most beautiful loaf I’ve ever made. :) Making challah is about the only time I feel at all connected to my Jewish roots – only two generations back – and I really enjoy it. But it always takes so much longer than I think it will!

Anyway, despite being two hours late to the gathering, I made it just in time for a delicious lunch of quiche, fruits, cheeses, and potato salad. I brought a half gallon of maple Amish ice cream too, that nearly had people moaning, it was so good. We stuffed ourselves all day, went through two bottles of wine and a whole tableful of food… and sometimes took a break from eating to throw a little something at the wheel. -laugh-

And I brought my homemade feta too. It was fabulous! Though I have to admit that it doesn’t really taste like feta. I had expected that somewhat, though, seeing that a) it’s only been in the fridge for 2 weeks instead of the recommended 4, and b) I didn’t have the “feta-flavor” culture to put it in it at the beginning, I had to just use rennet and yogurt. But it has a perfect feta texture, and a very strong goaty-salty-cheesy flavor that is reminiscent of feta, if not really dead-on.

I can hardly wait for summer; I’m going to use it in a fresh tomato and cucumber and dill salad. Mmmmm. (It seems silly to dream of summer when my tomatoes are so tiny that they don’t even have their first set of real leaves yet, but I just can’t help it. I even just ordered a jasmine vine, and picked up a gardenia at Behnke’s: and those two tender pretties won’t even be able to set foot outside for another two months.)

I think I’ll go ahead and order another gallon of goat’s milk and make a second batch of my pseudo-feta. Cuz now that I know how good this one is, it just ain’t gonna last much longer. -laugh-

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