New home for the bees

I managed to finish the chicken paddock last weekend, and that meant it was high time to get the bees out of there. My bees have a hard enough time keeping their numbers up without serving as a snack for lazy chickens as well.

I added on another deep box and later, a honey super. I had almost waited too long. The bees were building comb everywhere because they’d totally run out of room. (I guess I’d underestimated how early they began their spring activity. Or maybe it’s a function of having insulated their hive.) They might have swarmed soon. Come to think of it, I should probably dive back in there and check for extra queen cells.

So I scraped the naughty honeycomb off of where it wasn’t supposed to be and made a tidy little pile. I left most of it for the bees to recycle – poor sticky bees.

But there was plenty for me to taste-test, too.

Beautiful fragrant honeycomb just dripping with homegrown honey. Mmmm.

It was uncapped, which means it still needs to be fermented (did you know honey is a fermented food?) and dehydrated more. It still tasted good though – I can only imagine what it will be like when finished.

One Response to “New home for the bees”

  1. Rose Says:

    Great news! Happy to hear they are doing so well!

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