Birthday Dinner

As the birthday boy, today Josh got to pick the menu. He chose ribeye steaks and Boston Cream Pie.

I seared the steaks on the grill and topped them with cultured, salted butter I’d just made that morning.

I thought fries would be a good side for ribeye steaks, and we even had about 5 pounds of potatoes that needed to be used up. The potatoes are cut, soaked in a couple changes of ice water for several hours, lightly fried for 10 minutes, cooled, and then fried hot for 1-3 minutes.

We ate them with my homemade, homegrown roast-garlic tomato ketchup.

But I can’t eat steak. So I went out to the garden and gathered myself a salad of mixed greens.

Topped with apples, toasted pecans, and veeeery fancy crumbled bleu. And a mild viniagrette of honey, homemade apple vinegar & homemade mustard.

Josh said the meal was better than the one he’d had a few days ago at a fancy restaurant. That man knows the way to my heart!

Oh! And of course there was cake.

Boston Cream Pie, the fanciest recipe I could find. It called for 10 eggs, bourbon, 2 whole vanilla beans, and almost a pound of butter.

And oh! Was it ever good!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

7 Responses to “Birthday Dinner”

  1. L! Says:

    Looks awesome. Why can’t you have steak?

  2. heidi Says:

    Wow, you wanna come over and cook MY birthday dinner???
    Hope Josh had a fun one. sure looked good–mouth watered and all.
    Where was Sofia in all this? Did she sing “Happy Birthday” to her Dad?

  3. villager Says:

    That cake looks (and sounds) scrumptious! Well, everything else does too. It must be getting close to lunch time here.

  4. diana Says:

    Villager: thanks! The memory almost makes up for having a scrounge-your-own type dinner tonight. (Cake for dinner, anyone?) -grin-
    Mama: SofĂ­a refused to sing, but she did keep telling him Happy Birthday when I reminded her. She was sooooo happy with the cake – just forwent her fork and applied face to plate like it was a pie-eating contest.
    L: I’ve been allergic to pork and beef for more than a year now now, I get crazy stomach cramps and am incapacitated. Sucks! But strangely enough, pork & beef have stopped looking so attractive to me (wasn’t even tempted to taste Josh’s steak), and all of a sudden I’m a big fan of seafood! Never ever was before.

  5. debbie swickard Says:

    Happy Birthday, Josh!

  6. heidi Says:

    sofia: shades of her mother at about age 2…picture chocolate to the elbows and cumbs and frosting all over, I mean AAAALLLL over, hair and all…

  7. Katie Says:

    Oh my God, that all looks so awesome.

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