Just when I think I’ve had enough….

I find something else that I absolutely must have in my garden. Just one more improvement, then I’m done, really… Just this one last purchase and everything will be just perfect.

Until the next one, that is.

Behold the latest of my flora-besotten pinings: the climbing rose Zephirine Drouhin and a cedar arbor to let it arch over the front garden walk.

A rose arbor is one of those things that I have always had ridiculously romantic, fluffy, nostalgic longings for. Any garden in which I may walk under structures dripping with roses reduces me to a state of languid sighs, dreamy eyes, and langorous steps. I’ve always had a soft spot for The Secret Garden, after all. (Which reminds me, some day I must own that book.) And Zephirine Drouhin, though a very enthusiastic shade of cerise, is the perfect arbor rose: thornless canes and myriad blooms of an overwhelming Bourbon fragrance (think classic rose perfume, not hard liquor). And disease-resistant, too! But it’s that fragrance that I really crave; wouldn’t walking underneath it be a wonderful welcome home?

It does not help to assuage my cravings that in the picture the arbor is set in the middle of my dream garden, though I’m perfectly sure that’s all part of the nefarious plans of the vendors. And I am equally as sure that the garden does not come included with the purchase of the arbor.One would hope that the outrageous cost of the arbor and the equally extravagant magenta of the rose would do at least a little something to ease my cravings; but no. I even find myself plotting little ways to get around the fact that our HOA would almost certainly bar us from erecting the thing in the first place (because,horror of horrors, it would make our house look -gasp- different than all the other townhouses!).

In the mean time, I’m reduced to whining, poking fruitlessly at Josh, and doing obsessive-compulsive crappy little photo-collages with my drawing program. -grin-

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