The other day was gorgeous. Far too beautiful to pass up working in the garden… but without my compost delivery, I had no planting work to do. The onions were fertilized, the grapes trellises were installed…. what’s a gardener girl to do?

Then I realized I’d never done anything with that big pile of antique bricks I collected off Freecycle. They were meant to become a brick kiln last July, until I abandoned that project. They’d sat there in an eyesore stack for a year at the top of the hill, where you couldn’t help but notice them… I kept thinking I was going to turn them into a pizza oven. Like that’s going to happen any time soon! Ha!

Well, it’s Spring and I’m in the mood for a little beautification around here, so I pulled on my gloves and shovel and an hour later we had a little brick wall along the top of that hill. Of gorgeously weathered antique bricks, no less.

They’re just dry-stacked, but they’re level so the wall ought to stay in place for a good long time.

I’d been thinking that this was just to put the bricks to use until I actually had time to build that pizza oven… but now I’m kind of thinking I actually kind of like that little wall up there. Lends the area a bit more definition.

Here’s to finally putting things to good use!

One Response to “Brickwork”

  1. heidi Says:

    Why does that remind me of our driveway “wall”? It looks really good there. I really like the wavey touch–not just straight, but imaginative. Now you can build up behind the wall and plant more… :).
    Just make sure Sofia doesn’t sit on it.

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