13 weeks, 6 days, and he already looks like a little human!

See him sucking his thumb? See it? Gaaaaaah! My head might explode.

He was so adorable, wriggling all over the place, sticking his legs waaaay out and then curling into a little ball and flopping over to show off his butt.

We even got to see him in 3-D for about five minutes! Though he seemed to know we were peeking, and kept turning his face away. But you can see! He has an ear! Yay ear!

He also likes to make fists and glower at the camera sometimes (which is weird in the regular sonogram, since it’s sort of like an xray, and makes him look like he has an evil monkey face). So you don’t get to see that picture here. :)

And no, he did NOT oblige us by letting us know whether to expect a boy or a girl. But we should have another sonogram in 6 weeks – so keep your fingers crossed.

Grandparents’ special: more pictures – just less dramatic – are up at my gallery.

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