She’s learning to write!

With three days of thunderstorms in a row, we have to get creative with our indoor spaces. Ever since I cleared out the garage, SofĂ­a like to go out there to ride her trike and draw with chalk. And then last time she drew letters instead of scribbles!

She knew what she was doing, too. She laughed and said “Mommy I made a ‘T’! I’ma do it again!” And then I asked her to draw an ‘O’ and she did. The pink line above it all, with tiny little blue cross-marks, is her attempt at an ‘F’. She asked me if her letters spelled ‘Off’ and then lost interest.

I can’t believe she’s reached this step already, she’s only 2 3/4! Her daddy was reading by 3, but we haven’t been pressuring or teaching her to do the same. And I thought writing was supposed to come much later…?

4 Responses to “She’s learning to write!”

  1. heidi Says:

    WOW!!!Tell her Grandma’s proud of her!

    (we always knew she was bright…)

  2. Erin Says:

    Yes Diana, your sweet cakes is pretty advanced for her age:) Writing is not formally introduced till at least 3 most times four due to lack of fine motor skills. Using chalk on a side walk is actually large motor skills so she is finding a way to get her brilliance out with her young hand strength! I don’t know about reading at 3 but she is ahead of the curve;) I would suggest talking about letter sounds when you think of it, most kids will get the names of letters easily but the phonetic sound is one that is harder to learn.

  3. diana Says:

    Thanks so much for the tips, Erin! She’s already starting to ask what letters “say” and we’ve tried sounding out some words. Now she walks around saying “spa-ghe-tti! It has ‘ghetti’ in the middle!” -laugh- She’ll get it soon I think!!!

  4. Jill Says:

    2 of my 3 read by 2 1/2yo. They were all read to daily from 1 week old, sometimes hours at a time. Running your finger along the words as you read to her will help her pick up words and “see” the sounds which helps build a foundation for the phonics later.

    Each child has their own timeline for milestones. Follow her lead, feed her curiosity and you’ll have a lifelong learner who’s passionate about many things. :smile:

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