Summer dress

A while ago I fell in love with J. Crew’s Serena dress – but even though some colors were on sale, it was only available in a size 00 (which I am so not!)

I was pretty sad until I realized, “Hey, man, I could probably make that.”

So I did.

I bought some cheap cotton for the first draft (so I could scrap it without too much guilt if it didn’t work). I used a Simplicity pattern with the same basic idea, and some recycled wedding dupioni for the sash. I figured if it worked, I’d upgrade to some nicer, drapey-stretchy fabric like jersey.

I think it worked pretty well. It’s not a carbon copy, but I wasn’t really going for that. It’s got some bust-closure issues as all wrap dresses do, but I love how simple it is, the classic lines, and how it makes me feel like a sexy 50’s housewife. (Plus, this picture makes me look much skinnier than I am, which is nice.)

Now to find the time to go get nicer fabric for round 2….

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  1. Amy Says:

    fantabulous! Has Miss Sofia weighed in with an opinion?

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