Manure is magic

I’ve always believed in the power of compost, pretty nearly to the exclusion of other types of fertilizer. I’ll use fish emulsion from time to time, and I’ll use organic fertilizers around perennials, but til now simple compost has been my go-to for soil amendment.

Well, no longer. Not now that I’ve seen what manure can do.

These kale and cabbages and chard are planted into soil unamended since last Fall, when it was used to grow sweet potatoes. They’re planted through a mulch of manure. And I have never grown greens this big and healthy. I harvested nearly 4 pounds of chard yesterday, and 3 pounds of kale a few days before that.

I’m finally getting results that look like the photos in gardening catalogs. Cabbages that actually head up. Spinach that actually thrives and produces leaves as big as my palm. Zucchini that actually fruits.

You can bet that no matter how big in the belly I am this Fall, I’ll be spending most of my time out in the garden hauling wheelbarrowload after wheelbarrowload of the stinky stuff.

2 Responses to “Manure is magic”

  1. Sam Says:

    yup manure Is magic. I know a guy around our part of the world that doesn’t feed his cattle grain just hay, his manure does NOT smell, nor do his cows, I have heard that cattle can’t digest corn so they end up producing more e-coli and fumes then cattle fed just hay. Makes sense to me since mono-culture is grossly un-natural.

  2. diana Says:

    Agreed, Sam. This stuff is from an organic grassfed farm, so I would imagine it’s similar to your friend’s hay-fed manure. It didn’t smell “bad” exactly, just…. like manure. Anaerobic for the first couple days, then nothing. I actually kind of enjoyed the smell, it was pleasantly farmy. Though I never did ask the neighbors what they thought. -laugh-

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