June panorama

Growth is in full swing.

(You can click to really, really biggify.) Wow, everything just looks like a big solid mess of green.

Here, what if I labeled all the crops for you?

There now, that looks more productive doesn’t it? And I didn’t even label all the flowers.

Seeing the farm garden in a picture really highlights things I hadn’t noticed before. For instance I’m suddenly realizing how badly I need to weed up on Backfill Hill. And how great the spiral would look if I’d just get around to widening and re-mulching the paths like I started doing.

And how… gosh, it’s busy-busy-busy everywhere and then that back 40 area is just… nothing. And a lot of it, too. I think this Fall is high time to start some cover crops going there besides weeds. But at least I managed to get it mowed!

7 Responses to “June panorama”

  1. Diane Says:

    Okay, that is just too friggin’ cool.

  2. diana Says:

    Thanks hon! I hoped someone would like it since I stayed up til 2am doodling all those labels on. -laugh- Nothing compared to your (huge) little farm, though! Now it’s your turn – go stand on your roof and take panorama shots and show me whatcha got! 😀

  3. Angie Says:

    Wow! I’m a little jealous to tell the truth. I want a garden, a mini farm too, but we have more woods than sun and so I’m living through your adventures! I think it’s a job well done!

  4. Diane Says:

    You stood on your roof?! LOL!! The chicken house would block part of the garden if I did that. Hmm…. I’ll come up with something before summer is over.

  5. heidi Says:

    Wow what a lot of work! Lookin’ good there. Only you can’t see the beehives for the chicken shed.Really like all the labels.Brings it into perspective.
    Don’t you think a couple of azaleas would look good on the edge of backfill hill. The neighbors would probably like it and so would the bees. And you would see it from your bedroom window.

  6. diana Says:

    Diane – I usually climb up onto the roof. This time I just had my 6’4″ hubby stand on the diving board. :)

    Mama – the beehives aren’t behind the chicken coop any more since I made that area back there the chicken paddock. I now have three hives on the woods between the house and the coop.

    Angie – Thanks hon! I checked out your site and dang, you sure do have a lot of woods. Of course, all our property was jungle at first and we had to clear-cut the entire 5,000sf I’ve got out there. All the stumps are still trying valiantly to resprout. :/

  7. heidi Says:

    so glad you got at least the pictures before the deer came out to feast…we can see all the hard work and effort and hopes and dreams…

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