All grown out and nowhere to go.

The peas have germinated. All five hundred and fifty two of them. And not only germinated, either. Their roots are probably near halfan inch long, and getting longer as I watch and worry.

Because of course there was a snowstorm on the day I had pegged for planting the things. And not only a snowstorm, but a week of sub-freezing temperatures to boot. So the bed is unprepared – it’s got a whole winter’s worth of weeds crowding in there, eating up all the lovely compost I tilled in last fall and thriving away. I just couldn’t manage to convince myself to head outside and work it in weather like this.

Oh well, tomorrow’s the day! I’ve got a few hours between work and dance class. I’m going to head over there and get a bit of frostbite in the name of a good cause, praying to the Nature Gods that the temperature shock doesn’t just kill the poor things straight off.

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