All that manure, man… I am definitely doing that again. Look what it’s got me!

This is 4.5 pounds of Red Russian Kale, our third cut-and-come-again kale harvest of the season. I should have flipped one of the leaves upside down so you could see the beautiful purple stems along its back.

We mostly use it up fresh – having a garden is a great incentive to make you eat your veggies! But I’ve also frozen four quart bags (more than 1lb each) of the excess. They get washed, chopped, and blanched for easy use in casseroles and soups. Now that we have a (free!) chest freezer, I’m free to explore other methods of food preservation than canning. It does make me nervous that they’re still perishable (we have frequent power outages) but for foods like this that freeze better than they can anyway…. well, it’s worth the risk.

The chard is due for its second haircut of the year now too, but I’ve been procrastinating. I can only do one variety per day, or it would take me all night long!

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    That kale is beautiful. I’ve only had that very curly kind. Looks like this would be easier to wash and chop.

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