Look what I’m making now!

Meet our latest project…

I’m 11 weeks along. I’m due January 28th, which gives juuuuuuust enough time for me to visit family for Christmas.

None of this seemed real at all until I saw that little baby wiggling around on that screen. When I was pregnant with Sofía we went in at only 6 weeks, so she looked kind of like a sea monkey. But this one has arms and legs already, and a little face, and looks for all the world like a smaller version of a full-term infant. It kicked a bit, and waved its little arms, and Josh and I both went Awwwwww!

So far the pregnancy has been good to me. The never-ceasing terrible nausea I was expecting is much less this time around. Still ever-present, but light enough about half the time that I can keep up with my daily chores. I’m much more fatigued than I was with Sofía, but I’ll take that over puking any day… and besides, she’s been obliging me by taking long naps alongside me pretty much every day. Only 3 weeks until Magic Week 14, when the nausea (hopefully!) disappears entirely.

Poor Josh, though. I am a supergrouch this time around. I had this shirt last time that said “Pregosaurus” on it with a picture of a roaring T-Rex. I thought it was hilarious and wore it all the time. This pregnancy… not so funny, because now it’s true. Roar. So that shirt remains hidden in the closet of shame.

6 Responses to “Look what I’m making now!”

  1. heidi Says:

    So great to see the little “Peanut” is treating you better. Fantastic pictures!
    Arms and legs already waving “HI,Mom and Dad”. What are you gonna call it this time–last time was “Peanut” and “Taco”. Any ideas yet as to he or she?
    Has Sofia seen the pictures?

  2. diana Says:

    Sofía loves to look at the pictures! She can accurately point to its arms, bottom, and head and belly. And has decided it should either be named “Pintatito” or “Elly.” The funny things she comes up with! 😀

  3. Katie Says:

    What is this “Closet of Shame?” You have never blogged about/displayed pics of this creation before…

  4. diana Says:

    The “closet of shame” is a huge green rubbermaid tub in the attic, stuffed full of all my old pre-weight-watchers and maternity clothing. Not too exciting…. but it’s going to have to come down again and be opened soon. Boo hoo!

  5. Katie Says:

    I was thinking it was something like this:


  6. diana Says:

    -chortle- Nothing so dramatic. But possibly as filled with bugs. :/

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