A good time was had by all

My little girl is three! We celebrated in style.

Cupcakes, cake pops, and healthier snacks too. I love the gingham cupcake wrappers I found!

Cucumber water is one of my favorite drinks, and so timely with the garden surplus. The punch is cranberry juice and ginger ale – a tip I got from a wedding caterer.

The entire room was hung with homemade pennants but I didn’t get a shot of it.  But through the window here you can see the ones I hung on the clothesline outside.

The pool was warm and everyone swam.

Then it was piñata time!

And cake!


Sofía had two cupcakes, two cake pops, a piece of cake and a big scoop of ice cream. Happy birthday sweetheart!

We made color-themed bubble wands for the guests. I was happy to come across this blue vase for the display, which worked great.

Thanks to everyone who came!

5 Responses to “A good time was had by all”

  1. Dora Stone Says:

    Looks like so much fun, wish we could’ve been there.
    Happy B-Day Sofia!

  2. Diane Says:

    Happy birthday, Sofia!!!

    (Psst, what’s cucumber water??)

  3. diana Says:

    Diane – cucumber water is just cold water with cucumbers sliced as thin as you can (I use a mandolin slicer) and left to soak for an hour or two. (See it in the second picture there?) The water develops a taste a bit sweet, a bit like the cucumbers. It’s sooo refreshing! They’re serving it at hoity-toity spas now. :)

  4. Heidi Says:

    So happy you all had a good time, especially Sofia.What an amazing amount of prep. You really did good. Now relax, OK?

  5. Diane Says:

    Oh, wow, thanks! I’m going to have to try that!

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