The wildflowers I sowed are finally flowering… some of them anyway.

This patch of loveliness is actually the space between the two beds that I sowed them in. Except… I sort of forgot that I’d put them there, and ended up covering those beds with an inch of topsoil. So, no flowers there. (I could just kick myself sometimes! And the bees could so use a pollen/nectar boost right now too!). But all around, where the seed accidentally blew around… well, sometimes I’m glad I’m such a bad weeder. I guess it paid off this time.

But for some reason a similar mix down in the newly landscaped area by the pond is not thriving the same way. I think the topsoil I imported was contaminated somehow, because where I applied it to my oat patch I had similar dieback. All the promising little wildflower seedlings have died; the area is a barren patch of dead earth. Except for the cosmos – they have survived here and there and are gamely producing a few flower buds. Maybe next year I’ll have the wildflower meadow of my dreams.

An odder kind of “flower” – when I cut my cabbages, some of them were already producing tiny secondary heads from their roots. I had heard that could happen, so when I took the cabbages I left a generous chunk of roots behind in the hope that they will resprout.

With the weather the way it has been, I wonder if they will survive. But if they do – yippee! We will at least have one winter crop in the ground.

I’m already a week late in sowing my Fall/Winter crops. I just haven’t been feeling good and it’s been so hot. -whine, whine- After being a month late with everything this Spring I promised myself I’d be more timely in the future… but old habits die hard.

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