A letter of appreciation.

Dear Ice Cream Ireland,

Thank you.

I have long read and admired your online recipes, but today was the first time I’ve tried any of them. I have a gourmet dinner party tomorrow, you see, and I wanted to try something really special. (I know, one should never plan on taking a new recipe to a dinner party and then wait till the last minute to make it, but I do it all the time. With varied success, to be sure, but do I learn from my mistakes? … don’t answer that.)

So here I’m supposed to make desserts for six, and the quality has to live up to the dishes the other guests are bringing. Did I choose to make the brownies that I’ve made a thousand times and lovingly perfected over the years? No. Did I pick perhaps the buttermilk cake that I’ve made at least three times before, that I could fill with homemade preserves? No. Even just a simple flan that I at least know I could make if I had to? Of course not.

Instead, I jump at the chance to make ice cream, which not only have I ever only made once before ever, but on top of that I go and pick two completely untried recipes off the anonymous interwebs. I’ve never tried a single recipe of yours, but I still decide to go ahead and make these two batches of ice cream for six other people because, well, you seem to generally know what you’re talking about in all things icecreamly.

I made your Single Estate Chocolate Ice Cream and your Raspberry Lime Sorbet. I think I spent about $30 on the ingredients for these two little quarts of ice cream, and spent at least a few hours making it all this afternoon. And it was not until the ice cream was actually in the churn that it occurred to me that if this recipe didn’t work – and I hadn’t tasted the custard yet – I would be reduced to going out and purchasing a tub of Dreyer’s for the party, for which I would be mocked and shamed forever.
Photo Ice Cream Ireland

But you saved me, Ice Cream Ireland. I waited until the chocolate custard was churned and put into a freezer container before I ever tasted it, but… oh. Oh Yeah. One lick of my finger and I knew everything would be just fine. Josh came downstairs while I was moaning and rubbing the mixing bowl with my face, and we finished off the dregs together.

Photo Ice Cream Ireland

Of course by the time I got around to churning the sorbet, the churn had defrosted and would no longer churn. I will have to do that one the old fashioned way – but if the taste of the syrup is any indication, it will be worth the effort. The flavor is so bright and fruity that it makes me want to say words like “sassy”.

If there are any leftovers tomorrow I will rub them all over me.

Ice Cream Ireland, I will never doubt you again. Your ice cream makes the world a better place.



3 Responses to “A letter of appreciation.”

  1. Kieran Says:

    You sure know how to make a fellow happy! I’m so glad it worked out for you. Thanks a million.

  2. Maria Paz Dominguez Says:

    yes!!! keep up w. the blogging page. It’s amazing, and it helps me to get through school work easier. Just by reading those delicious recipes you post all the time.
    So, thanks for that!!!)
    I think there should be an ice cream Ireland application of facebook, I know I would have it.

  3. songspinr Says:

    so glad you are actually using your christmas present.
    stay cool–even with the sorbet in your hair…

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