Lotsa food products and their beneficial microbes puttering away on my counter…

Two jars of homegrown kraut, strawberry and cucumber kefir, and kombucha.

I’ve been trying to introduce a steady stream of probiotics and raw foods into my diet to help with my food intolerances – so far the easiest way to do that has been through drinks. I’m just not a fan of yogurt, and I think I killed my sourdough starter! But a cool glass of sweet kombucha (it tastes just like iced tea with a lemon squeezed in) on a hot summer’s day just hits the spot. (I’ve been having to make it with decaf green tea since I got pregnant but it seems to work just fine).

The strawberry kefir turned a lovely light pink color and tasted very good. The cucumber kefir smelled a little alcoholic and I was scared to taste it – but I promise I will soon! And the kraut is starting to smell really, really good. I thought it would smell like… well, Devil’s farts. :/ But it smells tasty! I’m excited and nervous to try it soon.

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  1. Diane Says:

    What kind of kefir do you use for the cuke & berry ones? We tried water kefir and LOVED it but it petered out on us so I’d love some tips on better keeping it healthy before I pony up the $$ to order another start.

    Please, pretty please tell me how you do your kombucha. I have a lot in my cabinet and need to freshen it. I can keep it alive just fine but just wondering how others actually use it in the day-to-day. Do you ferment for, say, five days, then refrigerate & drink it while you’re getting the next batch going or do you dip out of a continually-brewing batch while adding to it now and then? Or?

    And, yes, sauerkraut smells like the Devil’s farts! ROFL! I made some this spring, trying to get myself to like sauerkraut but it was a no-go. We ended up giving it all to FIL, other than a bit we gave to the chickens. Ew.

  2. diana Says:

    Hi Diane! We use water kefir too! I prefer kombucha but SofĂ­a will only drink the water kefir, as long as it’s not too fizzy. I’ve only had my kefir for a year or so, so I’m no expert but I’ve heard it needs minerals to keep it going. Every so often I put a clean eggshell in there (it’s scary how it dissolves!). And sometimes I’ll put in just a pinch of kosher salt and a dash of baking soda. It seems to like it! I’d offer to ship some grains to you myself but I wouldn’t have a clue how to get it there safely. :)

    Kombucha I do batch by batch. I am just not too fond of the vinegary stuff, so I only let it ferment 5-7 days. In the jar I use that makes about 7 little bottles (I reuse Josh’s glass tonic water bottles) that go in the fridge, so I usually start another batch right away and it will be ready when I run out of the previous batch. Sometimes I have too much and stick the fermentation jar in the fridge to wait.

    Maybe it’s just this pregnancy, but I’m craving salty-sour things like buffalo wings and spicy V8… kraut sounds really good!

  3. Diane Says:

    Thanks for all of that info!

    I added calcium to my water kefir but that was all I was told it needed. So maybe that was my problem?

    I’m going to copycat your kombucha schedule for starters. I hate that it’s just sitting in the cabinet unused!

    Thanks again. You’ve reinspired me. :smile:

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