I have waited two years for this apple.

The first of the only five fruits – between my stripping and the deer marauding – left to mature this year.

I wish I could say it was an overwhelming flavor sensation like the first grapes were – but truth to tell I was a bit underwhelmed. Only because I was expecting nirvana in a single bite, I’m sure.

But after all, it was only a gala. A little bitty one.

And it was very, very good gala, with that crispy-dense just-off-the-tree texture. And the sense of pride (and anticipation of heavy harvests to come and freedom from grocery-store apples) made it even sweeter.

Next year my Jonathan and Honeycrisp should start producing too, and we can have some side-by-side taste tests.

6 Responses to “Eve”

  1. Darcy Says:

    HONEYCRISPS!!! My favorite apple every! I care not for the cost, you will overnight your fresh and delicious honeycrisp apples or I may never speak to you again for a whole day! :smile:

    But, seriously, beautiful apple! The ones from my tree don’t look half as polished as your one and though they are plentiful, I do not even know what kind of apple they are (insert sheepish face here – :oops:). Congrats!

  2. Erin Says:

    I left one on each tree…I was so excited they were looking perfect…went to check on then 2 days ago…GONE:( Nate says he didn’t eat them and I saw none on the ground:( Since our Gala trees are from the same lot, I’m enjoying your post, but I’ll have to wait ANOTHER year:(

  3. Heidi Says:

    Eve, Did you share the lovely apple with Adam????

  4. diana Says:

    Darcy: Yes! I’m so excited about the honeycrisps! But I sort of accidentally planted it in the worst soil… whoops… so we’ll see if it survives another year. It didn’t grow much this year at all. 😛

    Erin: Oh NO! I bet squirrels are your culprits. They are horrible creatures! If only we could eat them… but they’d taste terrible with all the trash they eat. Could have been raccoons too, they are very good climbers. Next year try putting upside down cones around the trunk? I should have offered you one while you were here!

    Heidi: Of course! We both agreed that it was very “appley” and good, but not amazing. Perhaps as the tree gets bigger the fruit will get larger and more flavorful, who knows!

  5. Heidi Says:

    We have a wild fox we have seen up high in our plum tree and the next day there was significantly less fruit on the tree and no residue (pits) on the ground around the base. Erin, do you know if there are any foxes around there? Aesop’s tale of the fox and the grapes apparently is based (somewhat) on fact. They LOVE fruit.

  6. Erin Says:

    No foxes but tons of rabbits and squirrels and one evil ground hog!

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