Squashed hopes

The combination of squash bugs, mildew, and the deer overgrazing earlier this year have proved too much for my squash to withstand. They have yielded the battle and are dying back, leaving me with only this:

A single butternut squash. From 15 plants.

Last year I planted these same varieties on Backfill Hill and even with the poor soil and the overwhelming bug infestations, they survived long enough to give me about 30 pounds of squash. That lasted us all winter long with good stewardship.

So do I have to kiss my dreams of homegrown butternut soup, pies, ravioli, souffles, and galettes goodbye this year? Perhaps not.

My friend OhioFarmGirl just planted more winter squash, and she thinks they might have enough time to mature before first frost! I’m a week behind her, but our frost date is 2 weeks later than hers. I had no idea this was even possible or I would have done it a month ago when I suspected my butternuts were failing.

So my trusty shovel and I went out on one of the lovely cool days this week and made six small hills in the well-manured was-oats bed. I planted four seeds in each hill; two are zucchini hills, two are butternuts, and two are delicatas.

By now the manure is beautifully composted and I have high hopes for its encouraging these little vines to be as prolific as they can, quick quick quick!

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