Operation Yard Rats Out Part 2

It took a long time (too long, and I’m blaming the severe fatigue caused by this pregnancy) but we’ve finished the deer fence. I went out today and got the last of the gates installed just before the thunderstorms hit.

The fact that it’s lightweight has pros and cons. It’s great that it was cheap, and I love how it’s pretty much invisible! (Except that if you go out in the dark to close up the chicken coop and you totally forget there’s a new gate there and you almost walk into it and your headlamp shines on it just so, you might just give yourself a massive heart attack thinking there’s a giant spiderweb two inches from your nose.)

But on the con side of things, we can’t expect it to last beyond next year. In fact it was stretched pretty darn taut when installed and so some of the tighter zip-tie connections have already ripped through the fencing. Sigh.

But if it does keep the deer out, next Fall we can spring for the heavier-duty stuff. (A farmer at the farmer’s market told me he got some good deals at DeerBusters.)

In the mean time, I think I’m going to ask Santa for a flame thrower to keep the perimeter weeds down with. (No, I’m not kidding. And no, you don’t actually light the weeds on fire. You just severely wilt them – easy, immediate, and organic.)

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