Dumb bees

After the Spring crops were out, I mowed one of my biggest middle beds and covered it with a thick layer of all the old chicken compost. Then I had the rest of the growing season to fill – what to do with this huge, fertilicious bed?

I knew bee flower forage would get scarce in August, so I wanted to plant something to tide them over so they could continue to produce honey for the winter. Buckwheat is a short-season crop and would flower right on schedule at the beginning of August. And bees are supposed to adore it and its heavy, plentiful nectar. Perfect.

So where are they?

The buckwheat is flowering its heart out, but nary a honeybee in sight. Other pollinators seem to love it; but where are my bees? They pretty much ignored it last year, too, though it was a much smaller patch and I had thought that might be the problem.

Maybe my bees are just morons. Maybe I should just have planted wheat or something for me instead.

In this house you eat what you are served, bees, or you get no dessert.

One Response to “Dumb bees”

  1. Sam Says:

    lol they know much more about bee-keeping then you/us/anyone, I haven’t seen them on the alfalfa around here either but they are nuts about our goldenrod, most flowers produce nectar during specific times in the day, you may not see bees in the morning but evening or afternoon they might be there.


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