Spring has sprung!

Whenever I moan too much about how long winter is and when is spring coming and I’m sick and tired of grey weather, blah blah blah, I eventually end up being reminded that I really don’t have it all that badly (can we say “Canada”? Check out all the snow posted at Yarn Harlot!) and I get to feeling like a tremendous whiner.

Then spring actually comes and I just feel smug. :) And delighted too. Definitely delighted.

We’re still in sweater-weather, many-grey-and-rainy-days kind of spring here: but the plants are growing, the buds are swelling, the allergies are rampant, and some brave souls have even ventured a bloom or two!

One Response to “Spring has sprung!”

  1. songspinr Says:

    definately love it. our daffodils have copme and gone, need to be beheaded. narcissuses are on their middle to last legs, the douglas irises have put on a spectacular show and are getting a little worn at the edges.but nothing can brighten up a gray day like a daffodowndilly ( and a derry-derry down)…

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